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About Us

Q: What's The Story?

A: Nest has been a destination for unique gifts and home accents for over a decade. The original store had two locations in Dallas before its owners moved it to University Park's Snider Plaza. Today, we have relocated to our new McKinney Avenue location in mid-town Dallas. 

Enter: Scott Alexander and Heather Wiese Alexander, budding entrepreneurs, and now owners of Nest. 

"There were things I wanted to change, but there was also so much that was right about the concept of the store. There was original art, gifts, and merchandise lines that were exclusive to Nest in Dallas, as well as a good price point variety.  So the right foundation was set. It was simply a matter of evaluating the assortment and tailoring it to the new location's demographic. Sounds simple, right?" reflects Heather with a smile.

The couple, both involved in other businesses, assigned themselves the positions of buyer and accountant, and with the remaining store manager in place, the three-person team got to work.

Nearly fifteen years later (eight under previous owners, seven with the Alexanders, and two years at current location - did you catch all that?), Nest has undergone a full transformation. Although the merchandise assortment is dramatically different, the heart of the the original store is still quite alive. The original art concept inspired a full gallery in the upstairs catwalk surrounding the entire store.  The hand-made crafts blossomed into hand-made categories in every "department" from gifts to linens, to home accents, to furniture. The merchandise assortment still has a very high percentage of exclusive musings, making Nest a destination for an array of unequivocally clever findings. 

Heather states openly, "I definitely set out to see this day, but I'm still a little stunned when I look at the assortment, the team, the gallery, and how far we've come. We'll always be growing and moving forward. I'm thrilled at where we are now."  Nest has become a destination for much more that its 3,000 square fet could possibly contain. Between the art gallery, gift services, in-house interior design (boasting LEED AP, to boot) and the growing eco-friendly assortment of product coming in, Nest proves to be true to its mission: please the customer, pamper the clientele.  Today Nest's management team is comprised of four energetic, creative, members.  "This team is essentially what makes it work," states Wiese Alexander. 

"People ask me all the time how I juggle the companies. They are the answer." 

Q: So, Who are we?: A Team Of Nesting Specialists Dedicated To Keeping Your Space Looking Great!

Donald Fowler, Buyer and Store Manager. Donald Fowler boasts a great resume as a previous buyer for notable Dallas  retail hot spots.  With a great eye for design and unique objects, he has already begun to breathe new life into Nest and still manage to maintain that modern charm that Nest customers have come to love.  Check back weekly to see all of the great new products Donald has brought to our nest. 

Heather Wiese Alexander, Creative Director and Owner.  After acquiring the home and gift boutique haven nearly four years ago, Wiese-Alexander has transformed Nest into a modern, yet classic destination for gift seekers and home furnishers alike. A former Art Director for Neiman Marcus, Heather struck out on her own to become a designing entrepreneur. Heather seeks to find style elements for all budgets from Italy to Paris then London and New York to Dallas. Stop by the store or visit to see all of the haute little things she has chosen to tickle your senses.